Rychiger Executive Support
Mühle Tiefenbrunnen
Seefeldstrasse 225
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Rychiger Executive Support


Rychiger Executive Support provides a service that is tailored to each individual company. It helps executives to discover their true potential and put it to good use. To find and follow their own original path. With a healthy corporate mentality. No ifs or buts. Convincing in its simplicity. Firm in its conviction. Effective in its firmness. Period.

Rychiger Executive Support aims at depth rather than breadth. Personally professional. Professionally personal. People and companies working closely together. That is how it is anyway. But too many people are not aware of it. Rychiger Executive Support changes all that. And cuts through to the true potential. Exclamation mark.

People are not just in the middle. They are the middle. Company executives who put people in the middle are either hypocrites or well on the road to failure. Or both. Unless they put themselves in the middle. And their clients. Who, according to the latest research, are also people. Two exclamation marks.